About our Warranty

Our warranty covers the device for one year from date of purchase.  Please register your warranty via this link:  WARRANTY REGISTRATION


Below is our warranty coverage information.  If you have questions please email or call us. 

info@anthemone.com or 602-837-4800.


Anthem One devices are engineered for continual high performance. If an Anthem One device is used in the way it's intended and it breaks down within the warranty period, it's our responsibility to repair or replace it.


Our technology is built to last. But if something goes wrong, you can ship us your device and we will repair or replace if covered, under warranty.


All of our repairs use genuine Anthem One parts. If we can’t repair your unit, we’ll replace it for you.


  • Purchases of machines from unauthorized dealers or seller.

  • Damage from external sources such as transit, weather, electrical outages or power surges.

  • Failures caused by circumstances outside of Anthem One's control.

  • Faults caused by: Negligent use, misuse, neglect or careless operation of the device.

  • Use of the Anthem One machine which is not in accordance with the Anthem One Operating Manual.

  • Use of an Anthem One device for anything other than normal disinfection purposes in the country in which it was purchased.

  • Use of parts not assembled or installed in accordance with the instructions of Anthem One.

  • Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Anthem One or its authorized agents.


The terms and conditions of a Anthem One warranty are as follows:

The warranty becomes effective at the date of purchase. Please retain your proof of purchase. If you do not have your proof of purchase, your warranty will start 90 days after the date of manufacture, according to Anthem One's records.

All work will be carried out by Anthem One or its authorized agents.

Any parts which are replaced will become the property of Anthem One.

The repair or replacement of your unit under warranty will not extend the period of the warranty; however, your warranty will be extended for any time your unit is being repaired or retained for work being performed under the warranty.

The warranty provides benefits which are additional to and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Intentional cosmetic decoration or modification that may impact a product’s resale, refurbishment, restoration or usability will void the terms of your product’s warranty and the Anthem One return policy.

There are no user servicable parts inside the device.  Opening the device will void the warranty.