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At Anthem One, we believe we have developed a revolutionary way to provide peace of mind to those who need to create a safe environment.  With the virus variants continuing to emerge, we are there to protect and disinfect the spaces where we work, teach and gather.

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“We needed a proactive way to protect our employees from COVID-19 and to keep our company in full production to serve our customers”


“Bell maintains a robust and sophisticated contact tracing protocol for our offices and factories, pinpointing areas where potential exposure might have occurred. After identifying the potential exposed area, Anthem One is activated using a tripod or wand depending on the area affected.  We chose to stay with the 265 nm light source that has a secondary benefit of getting rid of many of the flu strains. We consider the implementation of Anthem One UV-C a huge success.  We are also using it regularly to clean our training academy helicopter cockpits in between student pilot access."

Michael Shaw, Vice President
Quality and Environmental Health and Safety for Bell.

“With covid, we wanted to insure we not only protected our customers buying our products, but also our staff.  We implemented a UV-C cleaning protocol using the Anthem One UV-C units and found it was easy, fast and effective.

We appreciate the power of the light, as we disinfect between each private label production run and the Anthem solution saves us time.  In production facilities like ours, that means money."

Kylie Robison
Director of Production, PLB Skincare

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