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Anthony Richmond

New York Film Academy

"It's absolutely fantastic! It's so powerful. Even when its soft, you can still get a good cut, which for a cinematographer is very important."

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Carl Gottlieb


"As a director, Anthem will make my life easier, as a producer it will make my films cheaper and as an actor it will make me look good."

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Reuben Aaronson

Multiple Emmy Winning Cinematographer

"This light has changed everything. The most important thing to me is rendering skin tones. These guys have nailed the technology."

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Luis Caffesse

editor & cinematographer, Troublemaker Studios

"Using the Anthem Light Card (Green Screen) is the easiest key I've ever pulled. Anthem One is a gift to the film industry."

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Sandra Valde

AFI Cinematography Instructor

"There are so many fantastic ways this will save time and energy on set."

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Hugh Brownstone

Three Blind Men And An Elephant

"Anthem One is the kind of design that can only come from a fanatic, in the best possible way. Anthem One oozes an extraordinary commitment to detail."


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