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DMX Four Channel Dimmer Pack

  • DMX Four Channel Dimmer Pack

DMX Four Channel Dimmer Pack

Elation Control's DP-415 is a compact, portable 4-channel, 8-socket DMX dimmer pack. The DP-415's front face includes a dip switch panel for setting the DMX patch address and operation mode for the pack. The reversible hanging bracket gives users maximum flexibility when hanging on a truss or clamp. 15A max, 5A per channel. 180mm x 177mm x 64mm (7" x 7" x 2.5").

You can buy the DMX Dimmer Pack from us if you seek convenient one-stop-shopping or buy it separately from Amazon and save yourself $19. Either way, we're happy there is a simple, inexpensive solution for you to incorporate DMX control with Anthem One.

Ships within 2-3 weeks.

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