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Anthem Thermal Paste

  • Anthem Thermal Paste

Anthem Thermal Paste

Anthem Thermal Paste comes in a 3.5 gram (1/8th ounce) syringe. Anthem Thermal Paste is made with a low thermal resistance and can conduct up to 4.5W/mK. It's small molecular size fills in microscopic air pockets on metallic surfaces, creating better contact between Anthem Light Card and Anthem One's heat sink. Anthem Thermal Paste is a low bleed material.

For best results, only use a dot of thermal paste the size of a rice grain. Place the dot of thermal paste on Anthem One's heat sink. Insert Anthem Light Card, close Anthem One and operate at 50% power for 10 minutes to activate thermal paste and maximize spreading into micro fissures before full operation. Do not spread Anthem Thermal Paste; the thermal paste is self-spreading and self-leveling. Do not over-apply; this can burn out Anthem Light Card.

Ships within 1 week.

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