Anthem Power (Mark Two)


Anthem Power (Extreme Heat Edition) is designed for operating Anthem One in extremely hot environments or where sufficient ambient sound makes fan noise irrelevant. It contains a 110V/220V universal power supply and dual LED driver. It is cooled by a powerful, air-chugging 3300 RPM fan that operates at approximately 22 dBA, about the noise level of a desktop computer. Anthem Power (Extreme Heat Edition) can be safely operated continuously at 100% brightness in environments with an ambient temperature up to 35 C (95 F) or 90% brightness in ambient temperatures up to 37.5 C (100 F).

Because all Anthem Powers are interchangeable, the Anthem Lighting System is the only modular lighting system in the world. Hot-swap Anthem Power (Extreme Heat Edition) with a different edition of Anthem Power to change Anthem One's operating parameters.