Anthem Light Card (Military-Grade IR)


Anthem Light Card (Military Grade IR) outputs 35,000 mW of 940nm infrared light. 940nm IR is invisible to the human eye and does not have the red glow of commercial grade 850nm IR. Anthem Light Card (Military Grade IR) can covertly illuminate a target from a distance of 1.4 miles. Applications include parking lot, live venue and warehouse security, law enforcement, military operations, food warming, chemical and coatings curing, and IR illumination of outdoor venues including theme parks and zoos.

Although IR light cannot be perceived visually, it can cause severe eye damage. Do not stare into Anthem Light Card (Military Grade IR). Use IR goggles focused on reflected IR light from Anthem Light Card (Military Grade IR) only. Failure to comply with these safety precautions may cause permanent blindness.

Retains 70% luminosity at approximately 10,000 hours. Apply a rice-grain amount of thermal paste in the center of Anthem One's heat sink and install Anthem Light Card (Military Grade IR). Power up Anthem One for 10 minutes at 50% power to activate thermal paste and cause sufficient spread. With proper care, Anthem Light Card can last for years, possibly decades.

Includes (1) Anthem Light Card (Military Grade IR) and (1) 3.5mg syringe of Anthem Thermal Paste. 

Ships within 5-6 weeks.