Anthem Light Card (Green Screen)


Anthem Light Card (Green Screen) outputs a perfect 30,000 lumen beam of 530nm green light with a color temperature of 5200K. Use Anthem Light Card (Green Screen) to illuminate Chroma or Digi Green Screens. Illuminate Chroma and Digi Green Screens evenly and with no red or blue contamination in the light field. Also can be used to convert a white wall or cyclorama into an instant green screen. With Anthem Light Card (Green Screen) you can pull clean mattes in seconds.

Retains 70% luminosity at approximately 50,000 hours. Apply a rice-grain amount of thermal paste in the center of Anthem One's heat sink and install Anthem Light Card (Green Screen). Power up Anthem One for 10 minutes at 50% power to activate thermal paste and cause sufficient spread. With proper care, Anthem Light Card can last for years, possibly decades.

Includes (1) Anthem Light Card (Green Screen) and (1) 3.5mg syringe of Anthem Thermal Paste.

Ships within 5-6 weeks.