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Anthem Connect

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Anthem Connect

Snap Anthem One and Anthem Power (Whisper, Extreme Heat or Strobe Edition) together instantly with Anthem Connect. Allows customers to mechanically mount Anthem One and Anthem Power together as a single unit. Ideal for permanent installations in theaters, theme parks and museums.

Solid aluminum and steel construction. Includes Anthem Connect (Baseplate) and Anthem Connect (Socket). Available in black for reduced light reflections.

Ships within 5-6 weeks.

Price: $149 Pre Order

Thank you for coming to our store! We've reached our maximum sales for the month. We hand-craft and test every light. Therefore, our production capacity is limited to what we can personally make and test ourselves. If you wish to order from us, you'll be placing a pre-order for next month. Please include an additional four weeks to your shipping estimates.

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