Anthem Light Card (Ultra Bright)

Anthem Light Card (Ultra Bright)


Anthem Light Card (Ultra Bright) has a 72 CRI, 5600K color temperature and outputs approximately 30,000 lumens. Anthem Light Card (Ultra Bright) is best used in environments where brightness is more important than high fidelity color rendition. Examples include construction sites, theater & music events, backlighting for film & television, exterior architectural lighting, dance clubs and mining operations.

"A 72 CRI? Are you kidding me?" Don't be a snob and don't get hung up on numbers. Ultra Bright makes an amazing back light as well as an amazing area or architectural light. We've surprised ourselves with the amazing versatility of Ultra Bright.

As with all our Light Cards, the field of light is 160 degrees but can easily be modified with our lenses, speed mounts and other accessories to whatever you need.

Retains 70% luminosity at approximately 50,000 hours. Apply thermal paste, approximately the size of two rice-grains, in the center of Anthem One's heat sink and install Anthem Light Card (Ultra Bright). When thermal paste dries out, wipe clean with a wet-wipe and reapply. With proper care, Anthem Light Card can last for years, possibly decades.

Includes (1) Anthem Light Card (Ultra Bright) and (1) 3.5mg syringe of Anthem Thermal Paste. 

Ships within 7-10 business days.