Anthem Light Card (Moonlight)

Anthem Light Card (Moonlight)


Anthem Light Card (Moonlight) outputs more than 22,000 lumens of bright 7600K “theatrical” moonlight with a remarkable 88 CRI and enhanced R9 output for Artists of Color. This is not a blue light field. It’s also not scientifically realistic; real moonlight is simply a dimmer version of daylight. The light field replicates a typical modern, sophisticated Hollywood “moonlight/nighttime.” It is full spectrum white light with an extremely high color temperature. Visually, its similar to half-CTB gel on an HMI, but with improved color rendition. The vibrancy and punch of Anthem Light Card (Moonlight) has no comparison.

As with all Anthem's Light Cards, the field of light is 160 degrees but can easily be modified with their lenses, speed mounts and other accessories to whatever you need.

Retains 70% luminosity at approximately 50,000 hours. Apply thermal paste, approximately the size of two rice-grains, in the center of Anthem One's heat sink and install Anthem Light Card (Moonlight). When thermal paste dries out, wipe clean with a wet-wipe and reapply. With proper care, Anthem Light Card can last for years, possibly decades.

Its perfectly safe to touch the yellow phosphor-gelatin surface. Wipe clean with a wet wipe if it appears dirty. Fingerprints, smudges and dirt do not harm Anthem Light Cards (but they might diminish brightness). Throw your caution to the wind; the concerns regarding metal halides and other glass-protected LEDs do not apply to Anthem Light Card.

Includes (1) Anthem Light Card (Moonlight) and (1) 3.5mg syringe of Anthem Thermal Paste.

Ships within 7-10 business days.