Anthem Baseplates

Anthem Baseplates

Mechanically mount Anthem Ones together in an array to increase light output and expand its light field even farther. Each Anthem Baseplate is designed to accommodate its corresponding Anthem Softbox (sold separately).

Anthem Baseplate (Duet) snaps two Anthem Ones together, creating a light field with the approximate raw output of an 800W HMI or silked 1.6kW HMI. Anthem Baseplate (Trio) approximates the output of a 1.2kW HMI or silked 2.4kW HMI. Anthem Baseplate (Quartet) approximates the output of a 1.8kW HMI or silked 3.6kW HMI.

Anthem Baseplate (Power + One) enables you to mechanically snap together Anthem One and Anthem Power as a single unit for permanent rigging installations. Because of its unique configuration, it includes both the baseplate and its electrical adapter to electrically unify Anthem One to Anthem Power.

Only your creativity limits how you can mix, match and rig Anthem Baseplates to create even larger and more elaborate light arrays.

Solid aluminum and steel construction. Available in black for reduced light reflections.

Available in four variations: (Duet), (Trio), (Quartet) and (Power + One).

Ships within 7-10 business days.