Video Tutorials

An Introduction

Inventor Justin Eugene Evans provides a brief overview of Anthem One's tutorials.

An Introduction

Inventor Justin Eugene Evans provides a brief overview of Anthem One's tutorials.

Light Card Summary

This video provides a quick overview of the various properties necessary to make a high quality removable Anthem Light Card.

Light Card Removal

Learn the steps for removing and replacing Anthem Light Cards in Anthem One.

Thermal Paste

Watch as this tutorial demystifies thermal paste and explains how easy (and necessary) it is to use.


LEDs produce a massive amount of heat. Learn how Anthem One controls three different types of heat produced by LEDs.

Mounting & Accessorizing

Learn about Anthem One's milled steel 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting nuts.

No Yokes Necessary

Heavy, hot lights need yokes. Anthem One is small and cool to the touch. Learn why yokes are an impediment to your creativity.

Kensington Lock Port

Learn how to securely strap or lash Anthem One to any mounting surface with a Kensington Lock.

Anthem Power

Watch Justin Eugene Evans explain Anthem Power's dual drive system, 0 - 100% dimming and flicker free operation.

Anthem Cable

Learn about Anthem Cable and its ability to independently control Anthem Ones fans.

Anthem Backpack

Watch as Justin Eugene Evans and Juan Cruz demonstrate Anthem Backpack.

LED Binning

Learn the process of LED selection and the significance of “tight binning” in creating high quality light fields.

The Science of Light Cards

Inventor Justin Eugene Evans explains binning, light field creation and heat management in greater detail.

Anthem Power (Mobile Edition)

See Justin Eugene Evans demonstrate the power and flexibility when a user combines Anthem One, Anthem Cable, Anthem Backpack and Anthem Power (Mobile Edition).

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