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Anthem One is a massive evolutionary leap in professional lighting. Learn more about its game-changing Feature Set.


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What is CRI and why is it important to cinematographers and photographers?

CRI is the acronym for Color Rendering Index and is a measurement of a specific light field's ability to reveal colors in the objects its photons collide with. Its critical for any industry that needs accurate color fidelity. However, its also grossly overvalued and often used as a marketing gimmick. As an example, the sun at noon on a cloudless day has a CRI of 100; thats the highest rating possible and is considered "perfect." The sun at sunset on a windswept beach might have a CRI of 45. No one would consider the colors at sunset imperfect, flawed or inadequate. And yet, light makers often obsess over this metric as a way to win a marketing war. This is one of the reasons Anthem Light Cards come in so many variations. A cinematographer may need a key light to have a CRI of 92 or higher. But, the same cinematographer may value brightness over color space in their backlights, and so the cinematographer would choose a brighter Light Card with a lower CRI. There is no such thing as a "bad" CRI. A skilled artist should use the appropriate tool for their task, whether that's maximizing brightness (and foregoing unnecessary color rendition) or maximizing color rendition (and foregoing unnecessary brightness). And only Anthem One gives a customer those kind of choices!

Why is the Anthem better than traditional HMI lamps?

Anthem One can be plugged into any 110V/220V socket without an expensive ballast, operates off interchangeable Anthem Power Plus' batteries, has interchangeable light cards that produce different light fields, can be upgraded annually as Anthem Light Cards get brighter while operating at the same wattage, can magnetically lock together to create larger fields of light, has an external housing that stays cool to the touch all day long and uses Light Cards that are safe to the touch that last up to 50,000 hours, or roughly 25 years if used 6 hours a day every day, 365 days a year. HMI's possess none of these features or advantages. And while some might mention that other LED lights last a very long time, they do not use an interchangeable Light Cards. Anthem Light Cards are the ultimate game changer for customers, who can now enjoy the advantages of Moore's Law as it effects LEDs and we release new, brighter Anthem Light Cards annually. Anthem One stands alone in exploiting the full advantages of LED technology.

How much does Anthem One and Anthem Power weigh?

We prefer to link you to our metrics page, because metrics may change from time to time. All of Anthem's metrics are available here:

How much does Anthem One and Anthem Power Plus weigh?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

Are the magnets strong enough to hold Anthem One in place on a wall with a metal plate?

Absolutely! However, the metal plate needs to be clean & free of rust. Our lawyers' compell us to tell you to use a safety strap even when you're magnetically mounting Anthem Ones to various steel surfaces or each other. Damn lawyers.

How bright is Anthem One compared to a 100W lightbulb?

A 100W incandescent light bulb outputs about 1,000 lumens when it is brand new and roughly 800 near the end of its lifespan, before the internal filament snaps. Anthem One's various Light Cards are anywhere from 20X to 30X brighter. Next year, new Light Cards will be 10% brighter and therefore your existing Anthem One system can be upgraded to a brighter light source. In roughly 4-5 years, a 2017 Anthem One llghting system can output 30X - 40X as much light as a single Light Bulb...and last for 25 years.

How long will the Anthem One light card last?

Anthem Light Cards are rated up to 50,000 hours. With proper care, a typical light card can last about 25 years.

Will Anthem One work on standard residential power in the US?

Absolutely! Anthem Power and Anthem Power Plus can be plugged into any 110V/220V electrical socket in the world.

Will Anthem One work on standard residential power in other countries?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

I get a shipping method warning. I can't choose any other method. What's wrong?

Our website uses Shopify as our online shopping cart. Shopify has an unusual, documented but difficult-to-repeat bug that occassionally causes a faulty error message upon check out. We've only been able to recreate the bug 1 time in nearly 200 attempts. We don't have access to the code and therefore cannot trouble shoot it. We apologize if you encounter this. We suggest refreshing your cart. This isn't the kind of customer service we want to deliver and we apologize that we can't fix this problem. Luckily, it is extremely rare.

What is the life of these cards?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

How much will a replacement card cost?

Anthem Light Cards use different LEDs, different circuitry and different chemistry. Those variables make it impossible to predict the futre cost of Anthem Light Cards. However, we promise to do everything we can to make every Anthem Light Card affordable!

Will the cards be available in specific spectrum ranges?

Anthem Light Cards are already available in a wide range of spectrums and light fields. We are constantly developing new Anthem Light Cards, each with a specific industry or task in mind.

What do the units cost?

We prefer to link you to our store pages, because our prices may change from time to time. Here is a link to our store page:

What is the delivery date of a unit?

Customers will receive their purchases within 5-7 weeks from the date of purchase. We are a small manufacturing company and handmake every unit ourselves in our Wisconsin facility.

How do I briefly describe Anthem One to anyone interested?

Please tell your friends that 25 different industries require industrial grade light and Anthem One is the only universal platform that can service the specific needs of all 25 industries. Metaphorically, Anthem One is like a Keurig coffee maker and Anthem Light Cards are like K-Cup Pods.

How is Anthem One a disruptive technology, or industry/market disruptor?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

How long does the battery last without recharging?

Anthem Power Plus will power Anthem One for approximately 3.5 continuous hours at 100% brightness, regardless of which Anthem Light Card is used.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Anthem Power Plus requires approximately 3 hours to recharge. This may seem like a long time compared to a cell phone or laptop, but keep in mind that Anthem Power Plus contains a massive 192,000 mAh battery. Anthem Power Plus is an industrial grade, high voltage, rechargeable battery and therefore takes more time to replenish its reservoir of electrons.

Can the intensity of the light be varied?

Anthem One can easily be dimmed from 0 - 100%. Anthem One also has a variety of accessories that allow the user to manipulate the light fields generated by our Anthem Light Cards.

What are the different lenses used for and why do you charge different prices?

Currently, we sell Anthem Lens Kit. Anthem Lens Kit contains two lenses; the Smooth & Bright lens and the Short & Tight lens. Both are included in the kit. There are no additional lenses available for Anthem One currently. However, we are developing additional lenses and will release them soon!

Can the light be used by plugging it into a wall socket and how long is the cord?

Absolutely! Anthem Power and Anthem Power Plus can be plugged into any 110V/220V electrical socket in the world. The AC cable is approximately 3 feet long. For longer runs, please purchase an AC cable from your local hardware store or online merchant.

If I buy the light for emergencies only how long can I go without recharging the battery?

The temperature at which Anthem Power Plus is stored will affect how long its current charge will last. However, Anthem Power Plus uses high quality Samsung lithium-ion cells and therefore is amongst the best cells on the market in terms of long-term energy storage. Your storage time may vary from several months to a year, depending on the exact variables in which Anthem Power Plus is stored.

Can the focus of the light be easily changed from wide to narrow?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

Can the light and it's functions be remotely controlled?

We will be releasing a wifi/bluetooth upgrade for Anthem Power and Anthem Power Plus shortly. We are also developing Anthem Control, an app that will give the user complete wireless control. Additionally, users can purchase DMX controllers from online merchants or brick-and-mortar musical instrument retailers. With an inexpensive DMX controller, Anthem One can immediately be integrated into any DMX-oriented lighting set-up.

How hot does the light get when it is on?

Anthem One stays cool to the touch no matter how long it has been turned on.

Are there discounts for quantity purchases?

For purchases of 30 or more units, please contact

Is there a selection of colors for the light frame?

Anthem Bezel is black and comes for free with Anthem One. Various accessories include bezels. All our bezels are black. Why? Because black is cool. Very cool.

Why choose Anthem One instead of an alternative?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

How long has your company been in business?

EvansWerks, LLC has been quietly developing Anthem One, as well as other technologies, since 2011.

What type of warranty and guarantee do you give your customers for your products?

Its best to read the entirety of our warranty. Here is the link to our warranty page:

If I have a problem with your product two years after I buy it why should I believe you will still be in business and fix my problem?

Anthem One, Anthem Power, Anthem Power Plus and Anthem Light Cards are so simple and robust, they'll operate for years to come and are easy to repair…even if we have been destroyed by an atomic blast and our team no longer walks the earth.

Does your company have a Facebook page where I can see comments from other customers and people who have had dealings with your company?

Yes we do! Here is a link to our facebook page:

Are there any news stories by someone who has reviewed your product and interviewed people involved with EvansWerks?

Please search Twitter, Google, Facebook & Youtube for reviews of our product.

What industries will benefit the most from the Anthem One?

There are 25 different industries that will benefit from Anthem One. For more information on which industries will benefit from Anthem One, please visit this page:

How bright does the Anthem One shine and how far?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

What are lumens?

Lumens are a measurement of brightness. For a more thorough and scientific explanation, please visit this Wikipedia Page:

How does this product differ from other lighting products, that can possibly produce the same amount of light?

That's a great question! The answer is here!

How does the product stay cool and not heat up as much as the modern day lighting products, that is used in stages or filiming?

Anthem One uses a multi-alloy pin-fin heat sink coupled with four 120mm fans that operate at the threshold of human hearing.

Is this a patented and copyrighted product?

Anthem One, Anthem Power, Anthem Power Plus, Anthem Light Cards and the various Anthem Accessories are all protected by various patents, trademarks & copyrights.

Can another company try to replicate this product?

Well, we suppose anyone can try anything, right? However, to further answer this question would potentially educate our competition. They had access to the same information we did, so if they didn't develop something like this already, they'd be copying us and possibly violating our intellectual property rights. Plus, what's it say about your company if the best you can do is copy the hard work of real inventors?



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