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Anthem Doors

Rugged polycarbonate combined with anodized aluminum inserts allow Anthem Doors to be both light weight and strong. Anthem Doors' bezel... $69.00


Anthem Lens Kit

Anthem Lens Kit includes two fresnel lenses and a focusing bezel. The Short & Tight fresnel lens allows users to... $69.00


Anthem Cable

Anthem Cable's heavy duty design reduces voltage drop, allowing Anthem One to operate across greater distances. Anthem Cable's male &... From $49.00


AC Cable

Durable outdoor, all-weather, impact resistant black extension cable. UL listed. 15 amp load. 15.25 meters (50 feet) long.
... $37.99

Anthem Arm

Anthem Arm is the ultimate articulated mounting device. It's single-point locking knob allows Anthem One to be pivoted with effortless... $129.00


Anthem Power Plus

Add an additional Anthem Power Plus to your Anthem One Lighting Kit and go mobile all day long.

Anthem Power... $999.00


DMX Four Channel Dimmer Pack

Elation Control's DP-415 is a compact, portable 4-channel, 8-socket DMX dimmer pack. The DP-415's front face includes a dip switch... $119.99


Anthem Thermal Paste

Anthem Thermal Paste comes in a 3.5 gram (1/8th ounce) syringe. Anthem Thermal Paste is made with a low thermal resistance... $8.99


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