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Anthem One teamed up with GMR to light Casa Ferrari for the Concourse d'Elegance, the most prestigious auto show in North America.Anthem One lit portions of the main stage as well as various architectural features throughout the pavilion. But, the show-stopper was the outdoor display of classic Ferrari vehicles. In just 15 minutes, two Anthem Ones were zip-tied to small trees and invisibly lit Ferrari's classic cars as if it were in a showroom.


When Robert Rodriguez wanted to test how far technology had come since his last $7,000 film, we gladly offered our assistance. And, as a day-lit shoot in a sun-drenched room stretch deep into the night, Anthem One came to rescue. As his crew set up Anthem One, Robert exclaimed "Damn! I can't tell the difference between that cube and the sun!"Since serving his film, Red 11, his staff has used Anthem One with Anthem Light Card (Green Screen). Watch the video below to see Luis Caffesse, editor & cinematographer for El Rey Network and Troublemaker Studios, demonstrate Anthem One's amazing green screen capabilities.


Meow Wolf's national team of photographers held a training session at their Santa Fe headquarters. Anthem One was there to light their shots, including the Fluorescent Forest inside The House of Eternal Return. Watch the video at the link below to see the amazing results.


Steven Soderbergh's independent arthouse horror film, Perfect, held its debut at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills. They needed to illuminate a 40 foot red carpet. Anthem One did the impossible; two lights were set up in 15 minutes and taken down in 7 minutes with no grip truck, a two-person crew, no generators and only one cable tied into a common 20-amp circuit. Despite the simplicity and speed of the set-up, Anthem One drenched the red carpet in smooth, clean light.


"We needed to test Anthem One ourselves. We needed to push it to the extreme to prove how drastically it can change film production." said Justin Eugene Evans, inventor of Anthem One. And so, the Anthem One team created a short film entirely lit by Anthem One with the limitations of a typical student film; a 14 person inexperienced crew, two mini-vans to transport gear, props, costumes & heaters, shooting only six hours a night for four frozen nights high in the Santa Fe Mountains.


Dean Cundey, ASC is one of the greatest cinematographers in history. The Thing, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Big Trouble In Little China, Jurassic Park; Dean Cundey's work is synonymous with beautifully lit Hollywood studio films. Always at the cutting edge and focused on the future, Dean Cundey turned to Anthem One to light a recent television pilot in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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When actor Jason R. Moore introduced Anthem One to Marvel, they gave it a test on a nighttime Brooklyn rooftop...and stopped pulling 5kW tungstens from their grip truck. Jason R. Moore said "As an Actor of Color, I was thrilled to finally see my skin tones look as they should! But, the set-up times blew everyone away. We lit an entire rooftop in minutes!"