The Power of Light,
 to Protect What Matters

Learn How Safe & Powerful Our
UV-C solution Is

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Meet the
Most Effective Hand-Held Commercial
UVC Disinfection Device

Our patented UVC light delivery systems are changing the way commercial spaces stay safe. Anthem One is disrupting the market by offering high-dosage, portability and durability in our UVC Disinfection Tool. If you are looking to protect your environment from viruses and pathogens, let us show you the power of light to create a safer world.


Proven Results to Protect all kinds of Environments

  • Government

  • Medical Facilities

  • Schools

  • Ambulance, Police & Fire

  • Municipalities

  • Airline and Cruise

  • Public Transportation

  • Commercial Office

  • Manufacturing

  • Restaurant & Bars

  • Hotel/Hospitality

  • Port Authorities

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Learn How our Patented Technology Changes the UVC Game

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Invest in protection, see the returns


  • Disinfect faster with the most powerful hand-held device!

  • Lower your monthly chemical costs

  • No hazardous storage